Google Cloud storage costs have decreased by 8 to 15 percent providing some relief to mid-sized businesses that need to cut costs while still providing developers and senior IT professionals access to reliable storage. IT professionals can easily integrate services into the company's infrastructure, allowing Google to host and protect the vital information, and freeing up IT professionals time to work on other more pressing security related issues.

In addition to helping out developers, cloud storage makes it easier to execute backups, create active archives and do full system recoveries. For IT professionals that have ever had to deal with a complete loss of data, hosting information on multiple secure servers off-site creates peace of mind. IT professionals can choose the level of service needed for the company and quickly recover information using a backup from Google.

CIO notes that developers that have access to cloud computing can work with large amounts of data while decreasing the amount of time required for deployment. The first setup required for these services is nominal compared to the time involved in managing and maintaining multiple physical computer systems. The company’s bottom-line will improve and access to information between multiple developers becomes faster and more efficient. Files are available instantly in the Google Cloud storage network and accessible for other developers to coordinate and improve.

Using cloud services, IT professionals can approach cloud computing in several ways. IT professionals can choose to give "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) to develop applications, deployment and integration within a cloud environment. "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS) provides access to fully secured virtual server environments. Additionally, IaaS provides options for developing and testing applications, batch processing of workloads and web site hosting. Finally, cloud computing provides options to store most of the company's information on a cloud-based server. This virtually eliminates issues involved in losing an important backup due to hardware failure, malicious attacks or natural disaster.

With the decrease in prices, now may be a perfect time to begin moving company information to the cloud. IT professionals must keep in mind the needs of the business and carefully evaluate any service provider they decide to team up with. For small business cloud services may be overkill, but for mid-sized businesses that are growing, moving information to the cloud makes sense. Trying to undergo a massive transition when the company begins to burst at the seams creates workflow problems and disrupts day-to-day operations.

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