Technical Support Companies Build Network Bridges Within The Organization - Dan Coppen: Thoughts on Business Tech and Computing
Technology plays a huge role in organizational infrastructure. It's nearly impossible to carry out daily tasks without the use of computers, laptops, printers, and a host of other network related devices. Many organizations even have phones that are networked with IP addresses. Organizations need more than one or two techs for technical support. Many businesses need a technical support company to meet there ongoing technology needs.

Companies are able to save money this way because the outsourced help is often cheaper than training internal employees. Technical support companies will often bill clients for support services when they are needed. When they are not needed, there is no bill. This is completely different from an internal staff.

Companies that have an internal technology staff have to pay full time salaries for each member of this team. This includes costs for training, in addition to software and hardware upgrades. Businesses that hire outside help are charged one flat fee. This usually is an all-inclusive fee that includes software installations, hardware setup and extended technical support.

This is usually a better deal over time than hiring internal support. It's important for businesses to realize that most network equipment, once installed, will work fairly well without any interference. Corporate backups can be set up to run daily, PC network drives can be mapped to servers, and network printers can be installed all during one initial setup. In situations such as this, technical support would really only be needed in the event of a network failure. Routers and switches that are connected to a main distribution point will occasionally experience issues. It is at this time that the extended technical support would be utilized.

Approaching the need for technology assistance this way is much more practical than having a full time staff that is devoted to this. A full time internal staff has to be paid regardless of whether or not their assistance is needed. This can become much more costly than an outsourced staff that may simply charge when their services are required.

Businesses that worry about preventive maintenance can also find technical support solutions that monitor their networks on a regular basis. It can be a beneficial service that can prevent businesses from having network crashes or data corruption. This service is much cheaper than paying an employee to conduct network monitoring. Most companies do not have the resources to employ technicians for these tasks alone.

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